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How to Lose 15-25lbs/8-13kg Stubborn Weight in 3-Months (for good)

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Learn what they don't teach us women over 50!

Come join me for my FREE 1-hour Masterclass Training for women over 50 ready to lose the stubborn weight (for good)!

In this 60+ Minute Masterclass Training You'll Learn

The 3 Reasons Your Weight is Stuck...

...I'll share the 3 primary reasons your weight, as a woman over 50, is so darn stubborn. We'll talk about the symptoms to watch for, what the symptoms tell you, and why your body is being so stubborn since going through perimenopause /menopause.

Let's Uncover Why Your Body is Stuck!

What You Need to Do Differently to Get Unstuck... that we know why your body is stuck & we know the symptoms you have that verify why things are stuck - I'll share insight on what you need to do differently to get unstuck. And why you simply need a different approach because the approaches we tried in our 20s, 30s, 40s simply don't work anymore after peri/menopause!

Discover what you need to do differently to Get Unstuck (for good!).

The Menopause Fat Loss Method...

... for those wanting to learn more about how to fast track their results and skip all the trial & error, I'll also share more about The Menopause Fat Loss Method, that I developed - I'll introduce the Step-by-Step 5-Stage roadmap... what it is, how it works, how we personalize the program to fit with your/your household likes/dislikes, lifestyle + we'll have Q&A session where no question goes unanswered... 

Find out if The Menopause Fat Loss Method is your best next step?

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How to Lose 15-25lbs/8-13kg
Stubborn Weight in 3-Months (for good)

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Free Masterclass Training

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