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My Mission

Hi there! I'm Catherine, a Lifestyle Coach & the founder of Even Better After 50 and The Menopause Fat Loss Method. Let me fill you in on a little secret.... adopting a healthy lifestyle has changed my life and I want getting healthy to do the same for you.

Have you ever wondered:

  • “I've tried everything, will The Menopause Fat Loss Method really help me shed these excess menopause pounds, once and for all?”“
  • "There is so much information in google, I find it overwhelming, I don't know what to believe or where to start”
  • “Will The Menopause Fat Loss Method really help to improve my health challenges?”
  • “What's the best & easiest way to start?”
  • “I have no time, can you make it super easy?”

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are definitely not alone, I myself had many of these questions when I first considered changing my diet.

My Mission:

To Inspire You To Live Your Best Life in a Body You Love without giving up Wine🍷or Chocolate 🍫!

How I got here

I had been following a healthy whole food plant based diet since 2007. 

Everything was going perfectly and back in 2007 I had lost 20lbs, I felt energized and vibrant, in fact I had breezed through peri-menopause with only minor symptoms and made it through my 40s maintaining my lean figure!  I mean, why not? Everyone knows that a whole foods, plant-based diet keeps you healthy & lean, right?  

But then menopause hit, with a vengeance, when I was 51, and even though I continued with a whole food plant-based diet, the pounds started creeping on, and on, and on until I had gained over 25 lbs! 

OMG, I can't tell you how surprised I was!  

Why was I gaining weight when I was doing everything right?  

I felt confused, frustrated, discouraged and at my wits end…. 

Why was this happening to me? Was I really destined for the “box-shaped body” the "middle age spread" that “they” say all women over 40 are destined for?

Nooooooooo, I didn't want that!

My Story

I was bound & determined… I started researching, and researching and researching… I did NOT want to settle for the box-shaped body! 

There just had to be a solution, there had to be….

Well, I'm happy to say, I found the answer…. woohoo!

Let me start my saying, one of the biggest MYTHS that we have been told over and over and over again, is that ...."women over the age of 40 are going to gain weight and there is NOTHING that we can do about it…. we are all destined for increased pounds in the most undesired places!"

I mean, we have all felt it – our bodies literally begin to change overnight, with increased abdominal fat, that infamous muffin top.  Even if you eat well and do everything right, it feels as if your body is working against you! 

Diet & exercise just don't seem to work anymore.

Does that sound familiar?

That's what happened to me. My waist just seemed to thicken, I was edgier, cravings for anything and everything came back with a vengeance, I was grumpier and just felt ‘YUK'!

Luckily through all my research and new understanding of the middle age spread MYTH, how hormones and stress impact our weight, and especially how unbalanced blood sugar & insulin resistance plays havoc for so many of us …..

I learned that it is definitely possible to beat the middle age spread and take control of our bodies just like we did in your 20s and 30s!

Yup, I kid you not! It is possible ladies!

By making just a few modifications to my diet (lowering carbs/increasing healthy fats), my body turned into a fat burning machine and the pounds melted away, my energy returned, my mental clarity returned and I was back to my old self! In fact, I felt BETTER than my old self!

Within 8 weeks I had shed those pesky 25+lbs of my unwanted weight, and I've kept it off! 

I was in AWWWW, I was soooo happy and more important, I felt amazing! 

Following this Healthy menopause fat loss approach has given me my shape back, my waist is trim again, my skin is glowing, I feel super energized, I have more clarity of mind, but mostly I just feel amazing, truly amazing. I feel like a million bucks! 

I feel better today at 60 than I EVER have, EVER! Yup, even better than when I was plant-based days! That's HUGE!

Finding Healthy menopause fat loss approach (keyword: Healthy) has changed my life and I feel better about myself, my life, my everything than I EVER thought possible. 

And now, I have made it my mission to inspire you, and women like you, to improve your health & wellness, shed the excess pounds & sky-rocket your energy so you too can shed those stubborn menopause pounds and live your best life in a body you love without giving up wine🍷 or chocolate 🍫 !

Why I do it

After my life-changing experience, I was compelled to make it my mission to inspire other women to look & feel better than they EVER imagined possible! 

Using all that I learned from my Plant-Based Nutrition Certification from Cornell University, combined with my Lifestyle CoachI created my Flagship step-by-step approach, The Menopause Fat Loss Method which makes it super easy for women to shed the pesky pre/post menopausal weight once and for all!  

With The Menopause Fat Loss Method we can all get back on track and back to our ‘HELLO waist line' weight and singing “Woohoo”!  

Reality is, I'm just like you, a girl who has struggled with cravings & yoyo dieting for most of my life - I then found plant-based which I thought was the answer - but in the end our bodies change as we enter our 40s, 50s and beyond so I had not choice but to find a new approach. 

Like you, I was a woman who was hit by menopause weight gain and refused to settle for a box-shaped body!

Like you, I just want to be healthy, look & feel my best and be the best "me" I could be, so I could live life to the fullest as I enter my retirement years!

Today, The Menopause Fat Loss Method has helped women all over the world to look & feel their best! And I'm certain my The Menopause Faat Loss Method approach will be your answer too!

Come join us! 

Let's get you looking & feeling better than you ever imagined possible!

A Healthy Happy You Awaits!

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