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The Menopause Fat Loss Method

3-Month Online Group Coaching Program for Lasting Weight Loss.

Specifically designed for women over 50.
Lose stubborn menopause weight (for good)
without giving up wine🍷or chocolate🍫
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.. and you'd like a little guidance & personal coaching to ditch the stubborn menopause weight gain (for good) so you can live your best life in a body you love without giving up wine 🍷 or chocolate 🍫

Even Better After 50

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When you're determined to get healthy and shed excess menopause pounds, stresses and overwhelm are the last thing you need. All you want is to ditch the stubborn weight gain, the cravings, and get over the hump, so you can feel better than you imagined possible and live life to the fullest.

I want to help you get past the overwhelm and feeling like you want to give it all up and eat that pint of ice cream, so you can put your time and effort into what's important!

Which is taking time for YOU, loving YOU, nourishing YOU, nurturing YOU, living the your best life in a body you love and shedding the excess menopause pounds once and for all.

I coach women over 50, like you so you can make the most of this powerful nutritional system by dealing with the root cause of why the pounds aren't budging and heal your body from the inside out and melt away excess fat. I do all the planning, finding recipes, calculating nutritional requirements and macros, and create easy to use meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, macro tables all designed to save you time, headaches and overwhelm. 

Whatever you need, I'm here to guide, help, support & coach you as you adopt my  super easy step-by-step Menopause Fat Loss Method so you can shed the menopause pounds, ditch the carb & sugar cravings, improve your health & wellness and finally live life your best life in a body you love.

Meet Catherine

Menopause Weight Loss Coach Catherine Droessler

Catherine Droessler

Welcome to EvenBetterAfter50.com!

Hi, I'm Catherine, I'm the founder of Even Better After 50 & The Menopause Fat Loss Method and I'm based out of Ottawa, Canada. 

After struggling for years to shed my own menopause weight gain, I finally discovered the secret. I shed 20+lbs of stubborn menopause weight gain (for good). And now, I've made it my mission to help other women achieve similar results so they can live their best life in a body they love.

Contrary to popular belief, we are not destined for that "box-shaped" figure, or that "middle age spread" that "they" say women in their 40s, 50s, 60s are destined for! Instead we ARE destined look & feel our best and live life to the fullest!

That's why I created The Menopause Fat Loss Method, a step-by-step approach designed specifically for women over 50, where we fix the root cause and focus on balancing blood sugar & hormones to trigger menopause weight loss (once & for all) so they can live their best life in a body they love without giving up wine 🍷 or chocolate 🍫

More About Catherine

Thankfully You Found Even Better After 50

The OBJECTIVE of The Menopause Fat Loss Method is for you to TRANSFORM your body to LOOK & FEEL your BEST for life!

Menopause Fat Loss Method

The 3-Month Menopause Fat Loss Method Program

My signature weight loss program designed specifically for women over 50 who want to shed the excess menopause weight gain once and for all. This program is unlike anything you've done before. For 3-months you have me on speed dial. I help you fix what's causing your stubborn menopause pounds to stick around in the first place so you can finally shed the excess weight once & for all!

"Wow! I only wish I had found this program sooner. Already feeling SO much better."
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This is an Opportunity to Look & Feel Better Than You Ever Imagined Possible!

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