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Top Business Tools
for Your On-Line Coaching Business

As a business owner, I get it - there are so many tools, apps and programs on the market it can be overwhelming (to say the least) to figure out which tools are right for you and your business!

I've received many inquiries from clients, other coaches and business owners asking what tools I use for my business.

I've been coaching since 2007 and I've used lots of different tools over the years - I can honestly say the tools I am using today are by far the best mix and as a result my business is thriving. I can honestly say I whole heartedly endorse and recommend each and every one of these tools - they are the exact tools I myself use each and every day in my business.

My aim is to support you, my fellow business owner, in your decision making and help make it super easy for you to navigate and setup your business in a flash, so your business can also thrive and your clients experience amazing results.

We're all in this together, and I love supporting fellow business owners so I'm happy to hop on a complementary Zoom Call with you to discuss any of these tools so you can get the inside scoop of how I use these tools in my business, to help you decide if they might be right for you and whether you want to delve a little deeper to find out if these are the right tools for your business as well.

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All-in-One Business Tools that will grow with your business.

Core Business Platform

Kajabi is the primary tool that I use in my business for my website, my courses, my membership site, my email, my webinars and so much more.

Prior to Kajabi I used many different platforms and it was a nightmare to not only manage them all, but to integrate the systems was a constant challenge.

In the past, I have used Wordpress for my website, MailChimp and later Active Campagne for Email, Webinar Platform to delivery webinars and Teachable for my courses. 

Today I have all these elements under one roof with Kajabi and it's sooo much easier to manage, plus there is no need to integrate and everything needed to manage my business is more streamlined.

On the surface, it might look like the cost is higher with Kajabi, but in reality my costs are lower as it's much more cost effective (and cost efficient) for me having all my business tools under one roof.

Not only that, it is sooo much easier to manage all aspects of my business with this one tool.

I'm happy to hop on a Zoom Call with you to show you exactly how I use Kajabi so you can decide if it's something you want to explore further.

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Designer Website Templates
Choose from a range of designer templates for a polished & professional website in no time.

Website Templates

I have proudly partnered with Meg Burrage BV to offer you a range of designer Kajabi templates that will have your new Kajabi website looking polished and professional in no time at all.

Every pack comes complete with 10 main website pages, 7 bonus pipeline pages and a matching website theme to ensure your student library, blog and login all match in style.

You’ll also receive a bonus 30 days’ access to Meg’s Kajabi training program and a 30 minute coaching session with Meg to help you finetune your strategy or site customization.

I purchased Meg's "Amy P" package and I absolutely LOVE the templates. It took me a weekend to setup my entire website! The training that was included was super helpful as was the 30-minute coaching session. Meg's customer support is fantastic, she's super responsive and always happy to help.

I'm happy to hop on a Zoom Call with you to share more about how I used her templates to build my own website, so you can decide if it's something you want to explore further.

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Course & Membership Templates
Choose from a variety of Premier Themes for your Course & Membership.

Membership Templates

I have proudly partnered with Penny Clements to offer a variety of Premier Themes for Next Level Memberships & Courses! 

All designs are super easy to setup, and deliver very professional and well organized course and membership information, making it super easy for your clients to navigate.

I purchased Penny's "Momentum Theme" package and I absolutely LOVE the templates. It was super easy to setup my entire membership site and courses, plus Penny's support was excellent, she's super helpful and very responsive always focused on helping you succeed!

I'm happy to hop on a Zoom Call with you to share more about how I used her templates to build my courses & membership, so you can decide if it's something you want to explore further.

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GroupTrack CRM
Turn Your Social Media Into a Lead-Generating, Income-Producing Machine.

GroupTracks CRM

I have proudly partnered with Jenna Larson & Nathan Jass Creators & Co-Founders of GroupTracks CRM to offer this amazing tool that turns your social media into a lead-generating, income-producing machine!

My business has sky-rocketed since I starting using the GroupTrack tool & GT strategies to manage my social media contacts.

Prior to using GroupTracks I used GroupLeads. Although a good introductory tool, it was very limited in it's functionality. With GroupTrack I can manage all aspects of social media (my FB profile, my FB Business page, my FB Groups, others FB Groups, and soon they will add other social media such as Instagram). GroupTracks is an extremely robust CRM that gets better with each release. It's truly exceptional. 

It's my #1 tool for managing my prospect and client details, I literally cannot live without GroupTrack.

I'm happy to hop on a Zoom Call with you to share more about how I use GroupTrack to bring my business to the next level and increase the quality of my customer relationship management.

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Zoom is fundamental to my business, used for connecting with clients either through individual 1:1s and group coaching calls.
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I use Canva PRO for all my designs, it's so easy to use, no design experience needed.
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Acuity Scheduling
Your On-line Assistant 24/7 manage multiple calendars & integrates seamlessly with Kajabi.

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for some of these digital products  and will earn a small commission should you choose to purchase one of these items, rest assured, I never recommend products or services unless I whole heartedly believe in and use them myself every day in my own business.