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Work with Catherine 

How I Help Women 50+ (or approaching 50)
Lose Stubborn Menopause Weight (for good)

One-on-One Coaching

Do you love the idea of a tailored step by step plan to fit your specific struggles and goals? One-on-One virtual coaching is a simple, easy and effective way to reach your goals in a supportive way. Put an end to your health & wellness challenges and create lasting results all without overwhelm with a personalized program designed specifically for for women over 50 (or approaching 50).

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The Menopause Fat Loss METHOD Online Group Coaching Program 

A proven system with support, accountability and results! Includes a 5-Stage Roadmap to take you from feeling like "yuk"  to looking & feeling better than you thought possible. This 3-Month Online Group Coaching Program, including our signature step-by-step training plus weekly implementation Q&A sessions designed to keep you laser focused and take away the overwhelm. Includes flexible online learning along with daily and weekly access to Catherine for questions, group coaching and personalized support! This Menopause Fat Loss Method has a success rate that's through the roof as it's designed specifically for women over 50 (or approaching 50).

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Joining Catherine's Menopause Fat Loss Method was the best thing I ever did for myself! I am feeling better than I ever thought possible! I wasn’t confused at all on what I should and shouldn't do, what I could and couldn’t eat, oh and the BLOAT… it disappeared pretty darn QUICKLY! My skinny jeans fit me again and I feel amazing for the first time in a long time. I'm hooked and I'm definitely continuing as an alumni as I have another 10-20 lbs to lose. I'm hooked for LIFE!

Suzanne R.

Dublin Ireland

I was so sick of starting a diet and then quitting just because I was moody and HUNGRY. This program was EXACTLY what I needed, I'm so glad I invested in myself. I shed 20lbs woohoo! Many thanks to the personalized support from Catherine & the other women was so incredibly helpful and kept me focused & inspired!

Michelle W.
Seattle USA

Real food. Real people. Real results. Honestly, after spending money on so many programs that never worked, I was so happy to find this one! It is easy to follow, and the support & accountability. from Catherine was the secret sauce and unmatched.

Elizabeth J.

Ottawa, Canada

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Your Coach

Menopause Weight Loss Coaching with Catherine

Hi, I'm Catherine, your Chief Menopause Weight Loss Coach at Even Better After 50, and I'm based out of Ottawa, Canada.

After struggling for years to shed my own menopause weight gain, I finally discovered the secret. I needed to address the root cause of why the excess weight were not disappearing. Bringing balance back to my hormones, reviving my metabolism & reducing inflammation/stress changed my life. Not only did it boost my clarity of mind, and sky-rocket my energy but as a bonus I also shed 20+ lbs of excess stubborn post-menopausal weight gain in just 12 weeks and more importantly it's been easy to maintain the weight loss since then.

And now, I've made it my mission to help other women achieve similar results so they too can can shed the excess stubborn weight and live their best life in a body they love without giving up wine or chocolate.

Contrary to popular belief, we are not destined for that "box-shaped" body, or that "middle age spread" that "they" say women in their 40s, 50s, 60+s are destined for! Instead we ARE destined look & feel our best and live life to the fullest!

That's why I created The Menopause Fat Loss Method, a step-by-step approach designed specifically for women over 50, where we fix the root cause and focus on balancing hormones, reviving your metabolism and reducing stress/inflammation so you can lose the weight, look & feel your best (once & for all) and live your best life in a body you love without giving up wine 🍷 or chocolate 🍫.